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The Clean Chemistry Company

Mattiq is building the planet’s most technologically advanced clean chemistry company to enable the commercially viable decarbonization of the building blocks of our world.

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Beyond hydrogen

The world poured massive investment into the creation of electrochemical systems to produce clean hydrogen. Similar technology holds the promise to decarbonize a wide range of chemicals, plastics, and fuels. However, the development of these solutions has been slow, linear, and siloed.
By reinventing electrochemical systems development, we deliver economically competitive, modular, and safe chemical processes. The result is commercially viable decarbonization of chemicals at industrial scale.
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Mimic and miniaturize real-world systems

Our development pipeline replicates end-use electrochemical operating conditions to ensure that performance in the lab translates to the field.
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Massively parallel, closed-loop development

We parallelize experimentation and rapidly iterate upon systems design, systematically optimizing the performance of complex electrochemical processes.
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Turbocharge with data + AI

Collecting data at every step, Mattiq unlocks AI for electrochemical process development, which identifies opportunities and solutions unimaginable to even the best human experts.

Discover how Mattiq has unlocked the future of clean chemistry to meet the demands of a sustainable economy.

Unparalleled Expertise

Led by world-renowned scientists, engineers, and business leaders, Mattiq’s team has a track record of scaling companies from cutting-edge technology to products used in high-stakes industries. Our knowledge stretches across key sectors in energy, manufacturing, and enterprise software to accelerate critical solutions to market.

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