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A revolutionary approach to commercializing clean chemicals

Bridging the gap between development and deployment

While electrochemical systems provide an economically attractive route to clean chemicals, optimization across a massive design space of interacting variables is needed to realize this potential. The pipeline through which this technology has traditionally been developed – reliant on slow iterations of design, build, test and siloed between different companies – will not meet the moment. Mattiq upends this paradigm.

Electrochemical processes at unprecedented speed and scale


Mattiq evaluates a massive design space of novel electrocatalyst materials, under a variety of relevant operating conditions, for efficiency and durability. This produces a host of promising designs for novel electrocatalytic systems.
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Mattiq synthesizes novel electrocatalysts and integrates them into prototype electrolyzers to validate key performance metrics, including production rate, selectivity, and durability.
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Mattiq optimizes the design of novel electrolyzers, and in collaboration with its manufacturing partners, deploys field-ready systems. The result is the rapid commercialization of clean chemical processes and the systematic decarbonization of the chemicals sector.
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A new era of AI-guided chemical engineering

AI has transformed numerous industries, from logistics to drug discovery, enabling faster design of better products. But, due to the low quality and quantity of available data, the AI revolution had not yet reached the chemicals sector – until now.
Through design, integration, and deployment, performance data continuously feeds into Mattiq’s historical knowledge base, building predictive power for which electrochemical systems will perform well at scale – and which won’t. This generates massive datasets linking systems design to its performance across this entire development pipeline, accelerating the commercialization process for new applications and systems far beyond what is possible with traditional human-driven, linear innovation.
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