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Catalyzing sustainable industry

Our mission is to enable the commercially viable decarbonization of the building blocks of our world

As the price of renewable electricity falls, the push to “electrify everything” will reduce the cost and carbon footprint of products around the globe. The dream of electrifying the production of chemicals and fuels that enable our everyday lives—so they’re made using only renewable feedstocks and electricity—becomes reality using Mattiq’s transformative technologies.

Our vision bridges deep science with AI to build the world's clean chemistry ecosystem

The ideal clean chemistry ecosystem has cheap and clean power, abundant renewable feedstocks, and existing industrial infrastructure...
...supported by world-class universities, industrial partners for large-scale manufacturing, and a startup ecosystem to bridge the gap.
Becoming a leader in the clean production of world's building blocks requires changing the way chemical processes are developed.
Mattiq blends experimentation at unprecedented scale with the world's most powerful materials AI, enabling us to deliver on this opportunity.
Our home in Chicago places us at the epicenter of all elements needed to build a new clean chemicals industry.
Mattiq catalyzes a reindustrialized economy with sustained job growth and national competitive advantage in the emerging field of clean chemistry.

Stay up to date with a front row seat to world-changing clean chemistry innovation.

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Our rapid and significant impact is enabled by world-renowned expertise and collective experience in crucial industries.

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