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Catalyzing the energy transition

Our mission is to enable the commercially viable decarbonization of the building blocks of our world

As the price of renewable electricity continues to fall, the push to “electrify everything” will reduce the cost and carbon footprint of products around the globe. Electrifying the production of chemicals and fuels that enable our everyday lives—so they’re made using only renewable feedstocks and electricity—will become possible using Mattiq’s transformative technologies. But Mattiq’s work won’t stop at industrial electrification. For instance, novel optical materials, ceramics, batteries, and superconductors will enable deep decarbonization across other hard-to-abate sectors.

Our vision is to radically transform the way new materials are designed and commercialized to power a sustainable economy at scale

From the stone age to the silicon era, the discovery and use of new materials has been slow and unpredictable.
Only with small, fragmented datasets, the entire development process was left behind in the digital revolution that has transformed so many other aspects of our lives.
Mattiq is reinventing this process with the world’s most powerful materials AI. By the end of 2024, Mattiq will have characterized one trillion materials.
By the end of 2026, Mattiq will have characterized six trillion materials.
This data – and the AI capabilities it unlocks – will transform our fundamental understanding of the way materials behave in arbitrary operating environments.
We can extrapolate material functionality to new applications in ways human researchers could not.

Stay up to date with a front row seat to world-changing materials innovation—conceived in the halls of the International Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University—brought to market by Mattiq.

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Our rapid and significant impact is enabled by world-renowned expertise and collective experience in crucial industries.

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