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Mattiq Team Members

Jordan Headshot

Dr. Jordan H. Swisher

High-Throughput Experimentation

Dr. Jordan Swisher is a leading expert in the fields of precision polymers, electrocatalysis, and, most notably, catalyst synthesis, having authored one of the seminal works on nanoreactor technologies for catalyst synthesis. He leads the development efforts within Mattiq’s high-throughput experimentation team. Named a ‘Mover and Shaker’ by the Catalyst Review, Jordan has been involved in the development of Mattiq’s key technologies for over three years and is the lead on several federally funded grants and author on a number of patents related to Mattiq technology. Before joining Mattiq, he was an International Institute for Nanotechnology Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University, and in his free time, he enjoys exercising, cooking, and eating his way through the Chicago restaurant scene. Jordan received his BS in Chemistry from Case Western Reserve University and his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh