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Mattiq Team Members

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Prof. Chad A. Mirkin

Co-founder and Director

One of less than 30 scientists, engineers, and medical doctors in the world to be elected to all three branches of the US National Academies, Dr. Chad Mirkin is a world-renowned nanoscience pioneer who has helped develop more than 2,000 commercial products in life sciences, biomedicine, biotechnology, 3D printing, nanofabrication, and semiconductor processing. He is the Director of the International Institute for Nanotechnology and the George B. Rathmann Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Medicine. He is the author of over 800 manuscripts and over 1,200 patent applications worldwide (over 360 issued). Mirkin has been a co-founder of multiple startup companies, including Azul 3D, TERA-print LLC, Nanosphere, Inc., AuraSense, LLC, and Exicure, LLC. Chad holds a B.S. from Dickinson College and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Penn. State University. He was an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT before becoming professor at Northwestern University in 1991.