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Mattiq NewsStoicheia Rebrand to Mattiq

We are pleased to announce our company’s rebrand from Stoicheia to Mattiq, and a new look and feel that reflects our mission to alleviate the materials bottleneck in the world’s transition to net zero.

Bringing to market technology that has been decades in development at the International Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University under the leadership of renowned material scientist Chad Markin, Mattiq’s ‘chemistry for climate’ platform pairs nanotechnology with AI to speed the discovery and deployment of novel materials for the clean economy. While applications for this technology are vast, our current focus is on the commercially viable production of e-chemicals and e-fuels, helping reduce industry dependence on scarce and expensive materials such as iridium, currently used in the production of green hydrogen.

We are proud to be working to decarbonize the fundamental building blocks that power our world. We invite you to stay up to date on world-changing materials innovation and company updates by following our company on LinkedIn: