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Press & MediaMattiq CEO Jeff Erhardt Joins Rewiring America’s CEOs for Electrification Coalition

CHICAGO, IL – June X, 2023 – Mattiq, a leader in electrochemical innovation for decarbonization at scale, has joined Rewiring America’s CEOs for Electrification Coalition, the first national group for business leaders accelerating solutions to electrify everything.

The Coalition’s 160+ members, representing startups to multinationals including Siemens, Lyft, Mitsubishi and Schneider Electric, collaborate to create jobs, deliver energy savings, improve air quality and health outcomes and reduce emissions. The goal is to make electrification simple, measurable and inevitable to decarbonize at the pace the climate crisis demands. 

“Building an ecosystem of partners to collaborate on these challenges is critical for scaling efforts,” said Jeff Erhardt, CEO of Mattiq. “We are pleased to join the CEOs for Electrification Coalition to drive solutions in hard-to-abate sectors in partnership with Rewiring America a fierce and effective advocate for electrification.” 

To date, the Coalition’s work has targeted end-use emissions from energy and ubiquitous consumer products like automobiles and appliances. Mattiq’s addition spotlights a new angle: the necessity to decarbonize the building blocks of our world (i.e. chemicals, plastics and fuels) if we are to truly electrify everything.

“We’re thrilled to have Jeff join our CEOs for Electrification Coalition,” said Nicole Staple, head of market partnerships at Rewiring America. “We share a vision of ‘better’ – including better solutions to some of the most difficult challenges in the clean energy transition.” 

Decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors like the chemicals industry means shifting away from fossil fuel-driven production to electrified production, such that chemical reactions are driven by renewable feedstocks and clean power. However, in many cases, clean electrochemical processes are not efficient enough to be economically viable, and deploying these solutions at the requisite scale will require massive infrastructure buildout at a combination of both greenfield and brownfield sites of operation. While federal incentives, including newly released tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act, encourage innovation, the technology development through deployment pipeline is inefficient and highly fragmented. To elaborate, catalyst development, catalyst-coated membrane production, electrolyzer manufacturing, project development and project operation are all executed by different companies.  

Mattiq provides end-to-end solutions for its industrial partners to supercharge electrochemical innovation at facilities producing clean hydrogen, sustainable aviation fuel, clean ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, plastics precursors and much more. Spun out from Northwestern University, Mattiq is blending materials science and artificial intelligence to accelerate the exploration, development and real-world deployment of new electrochemical processes to power commercially viable, sustainable production of critical chemicals and fuels. For example:

  • In partnership with an American Fortune 500 manufacturer, Mattiq is developing an electrochemical pathway from carbon dioxide to a key strategic chemical. 
  • With a European multinational chemical and sustainable technologies company, Mattiq is working to solve the iridium challenge. An extremely rare and expensive metal, iridium catalyzes clean hydrogen production. Mattiq is developing novel replacements for iridium, employing massively parallelized accelerated stress-testing protocols to ensure durability under industrial operation.
  • Mattiq is addressing the sustainable production of plastics like polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a ubiquitous polyester family chemical used in packaging, fabrics, automobiles, electronics and more. PET is responsible for ~26 million tons of CO2 per year as it is produced by thermal/heat processes and fossil fuels. Mattiq is developing an electrochemical pathway to a sustainable PET alternative from biomass, which could result in more than 75 percent reduced emissions and 25 percent reduced cost.


About Mattiq

Mattiq is a transformative materials design and development company on a mission to decarbonize the fundamental building blocks that power our world. Spun out from Northwestern University, Mattiq blends materials science and artificial intelligence to accelerate the exploration, discovery, and real-world deployment of new materials and processes to power commercially viable, sustainable production of critical chemicals and fuels. This alleviates the materials bottleneck in the world’s transition to net-zero, providing energy and chemical companies with clean, flexible, and cost-effective electrochemical solutions that lead to improved supply chain resilience. Learn more at

About Rewiring America

Rewiring America is the leading electrification nonprofit, focused on electrifying our homes, businesses, and communities. We develop accessible, actionable data and tools. Rewiring America helps Americans save money, tackle nationwide emissions goals, improve health, and build the next generation of the clean energy workforce. We believe in an abundant, flourishing, climate-safe future, and know that, together, we can realize one. Learn more at